North American Voice Cast

Here is a list of the actors who provide the voices for the North American dub of Sailor Moon from the original DiC/Cloverway version to the Viz Media version. The list also includes those who provided singing voices in the first 82 episodes

Sailor Moon/Serena
Episodes 1-11, 15, 21: Tracey Moore
Episodes 12-14, 16-20, 22-82 and Movies: Terri Hawkes
S, SuperS Series: Linda Ballantyne
Viz Dub: Stephanie Sheh
Vocals: Jennifer Cihi

Sailor Mercury/Amy
Episodes 5-82 and Movies: Karen Bernstein
S, SuperS Series: Liza Balkan
Viz Dub: Kate Higgins
Vocals: Shandi Sinnamon

Sailor Mars/Raye
Episodes 7-65, S, SuperS Series and Movies: Katie Griffin
Episodes 66-82: Emilie-Claire Barlow
Viz Dub: Cristina Valenzuela
Vocals: Sandy Howell

Sailor Jupiter/Lita
All Series and Movies: Susan Roman
Viz Dub: Amanda Miller
Vocals: Patricia Tollett

Sailor Venus/Mina
Episodes 29-82 and Movies: Stephanie Morgenstern
S, SuperS Series: Emilie-Claire Barlow
Viz Dub: Cherami Leigh

Sailor Mini Moon/Rini
Episodes 54-82 and Movies: Tracey Hoyt
S, SuperS Series: Stephanie Beard
Viz Dub: Sandy Fox

Sailor Pluto/Trista (Luna-P)
Episodes 61, 68, 75, 77, 82 and Movies: Sabrina Grdevich
S Series: Susan Aceron
Viz Dub: Veronica Taylor

Sailor Uranus/Amara
S Series and Movies: Sarah Lafleur
Viz Dub: Erica Mendez

Sailor Neptune/Michelle
S Series and Movies: Barbara Radecki
Viz Dub: Lauren Landa

Sailor Saturn/Hotaru
S Series: Jennifer Gould
Viz Dub: Christine Marie Cabanos

Tuxedo Mask/Darien
Episodes 1-10: Rino Romano
Episodes 11-65: Toby Proctor
Episodes 66-82, S, SuperS Series and Movies: Vince Corazza
Viz Dub: Robbie Daymond

All Series and Movies: Jill Frappier
Viz Dub: Michelle Ruff

All Series and Movies: Ron Rubin
Viz Dub: Johnny Yong Bosch

SuperS Series: Loretta Jafelice
SuperS Movie: Naomi Emmerson
Viz Dub: Debi Derryberry

Me with Stephanie Morgenstern (Venus) and Roland Parliament (Melvin) at CNAnime Toronto, 2004

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