Sailor Uranus

Name: Amara Tenou
Japanese Name: Haruka Ten'oh
Age: 16
Birthday/Star Sign: January 27/Aquarius
Hobbies: Racing, track and field
Favourite Food: Salad
Favorite Subject: Phys. Ed.

When you first look at Amara in her Earth form, you might think that she's a guy, but you'd be wrong. Amara is the kind of girl who's into a lot of the things that guys like, such as motorcycle racing and aspires to become a professional race car driver. She has a feminine side to her as well, she's an excellent pianist.
As Sailor Uranus, she's a tough opponent for enemies and is extremely dedicated to her and Sailor Neptune's mission to find the pure hearts. She can be a little stubborn at times, because she feels that Sailor Moon and the other Inner Senshi will interfere with their plans. Stil, she goes out of her way to try and help the other Scouts get out of tough situations.

According to Neptune, Uranus has the strength of both male and female genders.

Sailor Uranus' Transformations/Attacks

Uranus Planet Power/Crystal Power: Transforms Amara into Sailor Uranus
World Shaking: A ball of yellow energy delivers an earth-rumbling blow to enemies
Space Sword Blaster: A beam of energy emitted from the sword knocks out the enemy's offensive power
Space Turbulence: An attack that uses no item

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