Tuxedo Mask

Name: Darien Chiba
Japanese Name: Mamoru Chiba
Age: 19
Birthday/Star Sign: August 3/Leo
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Favorite Subject: Physics

Tuxedo Mask is a very mysterious young man who often helps the Sailor Scouts out of tough times with the Negaverse. Long ago, in the days of the Moon Kingdom, he was known as Prince Darien of Earth and was engaged to Serena, Princess of the Moon before the Negaverse took its toll on the Moon Kingdom. When he was sent to the future on Earth by Queen Serenity, he was orphaned in a terrible car crash and his parents died (as revealed to Serena in SM episode 30). Darien is very intelligent and is studying to be a surgeon. He is very stubborn when Serena first meets him, but deep down he truly cares for her and has very strong memories of the past

After the Negaverse found out about Darien's past on the Moon, they took him away from the Scouts and turned him against them. Now, however, he has found out about his future-he is the King of Crystal Tokyo in the 30th century with Serena's future self (Neo-Queen Serenity) ruling by his side.

Tuxedo comes at just the right time to save the Scouts when they need it. His main weapon is a single red rose that stuns the enemy for a short period of time. He also uses his cane to protect himself from enemy attacks. Even though all the Sailor Scouts have found a friend in him, Tuxedo Mask still feels a close connection to Serena (Sailor Moon) because of all that they have been through in the past and will continue into the future as he is the future King of Crystal Tokyo in the 30th Century.

Known Attacks
Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber: A powerful attack used mainly in the manga

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