Sailor Saturn

Sailor Saturn's Profile
Name: Hotaru Tomoe
Age: 12
Birthday/Star Sign: January 6/Capricorn
Interests: Reading, collecting lamps
Favorite Food: Noodles
Favorite Subject: History

Hotaru is very quiet and reserved when you first meet her. She lives in a mansion with her father, Dr. Tomoe (who is a leader of the Death Busters in the S series) and is also good friends with Rini. She prefers quiet, independent activities and would one day like to become a nurse or doctor.
As Sailor Saturn, she wields the Silence Glaive and holds tremendous power as the Soldier of Destruction and Rebirth. She can also heal people and has an incredible control of telekinesis. As well, she was also under the influence of dark power and could become Mistress 9, the Sovereign of Silence. Sailor Moon destroyed the dark power within her and is now a loyal member of the Sailor Scouts.

Saturn Planet/Crystal Power: Transforms Hotaru into Sailor Saturn
Death Ribbon Revolution: Golden ribbons are emitted from the Silence Glaive before she swings it down on the enemy
Silence Wall: A defense attack, it is a wall of energy shielding herself or her allies from enemy attacks
Silence Glaive Surprise: Saturn's strongest attack, she sacrifices her life in order to destroy a powerful enemy and will be reborn again

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