Sailor Pluto

Sailor Pluto's Profile
Name: Trista Meiou
Japanese Name: Setsuna Meioh
Age: 19
Birthday/Star Sign: October 29/Scorpio
Interests: Shopping, watching over Rini
Favorite Food: Green Tea
Favorite Subject: Physics

Sailor Pluto is the lonely but beautiful Sailor Soldier guarding the Gate of Time. She is also the personal friend of Rini, who talks to her frequently in the form of the Luna Ball, therefore Rini nicknamed her Luna-P (Pu). She helped the Sailors, Tuxedo Mask and Rini travel to the future in an attempt to save Crystal Tokyo and Rini's mom from the dangers of the Negamoon and warned them about the strength of the Cosmic Time Warp. Her job is also to give the Sailor Scouts advice on how to tackle the dangerous obstacles blocking the way in the future and how to protect Rini from the Negamoon.
Although she very lonely because of her task of guarding the Time Gate, Sailor Pluto is a loyal ally and trusted friend who can always be counted on when danger strikes.

In her civilian form, she is the oldest of the Scouts and aspires to become a fashion designer. Not much is known about her real age, and she carries one of the Pure Heart Talismans - the Garnet Orb.

Sailor Pluto's Transformations/Attacks

Pluto Planet/Crystal Power: Transforms Trista into Sailor Pluto
Pluto Deadly Scream: A swirling purple fog turns into a ball of purple energy and knocks down a specific enemy target
Time Stop: Freezes time for a brief period, but at the cost of her own life
Chronos Typhoon: Similar to Dead Scream, but only using her Garnet Orb talisman
Dark Dome Close: Closes the Time-Space Door on worlds that ought not exist

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