Sailor Neptune

Name: Michelle Kaiou
Japanese Name: Michiru Kaioh
Age: 16
Birthday/Star Sign: March 6/Pisces
Hobbies: Shopping, Music, Art
Favorite Food: Sashimi
Favourite Subject: Music

A very artistic, reserved person, Michelle is talented with everything she does and dreams of becoming a professional violinist. Like her cousin Amara, she is dedicated to her mission as Sailor Neptune to find the pure hearts that would lead to the 3 treasures. Believe it or not, she is one of the carriers of the talismen...the Aqua Mirror.
Sailor Neptune is a very caring yet powerful member of the Scout team

Sailor Neptune's Transformations/Attacks

Neptune Planet Power/Crystal Power: Transforms Michelle into Sailor Neptune
Deep Submerge: A ball of water energy srikes a specific enemy target
Submarine Reflection: Using her Aqua Mirror, Sailor Neptune can attack enemy targets and spot their weaknesses
Submarine Violon Tide: A water attack channeled through her violin. Used mainly in the manga

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