The Movies

Here are summaries of the three Sailor Moon movies.

Sailor Moon R: The Movie (The Promise Of The Rose - 1993)
While visiting a botanical garden, Serena and her friends meet Fiore, an old friend of Darien's from childhood. He is possessed by the evil Kisenian Blossom, a powerful and dangerous plant species that plants seeds of negativity on countless stars and planets, sucking away life energy until there's nothing left.
At the same time, an unknown planet is approaching the Earth, and it seems Fiore and Kisenian are behind it, hoping to spread the deadly blossoms throughout the world, and the Sailor Scouts set out to stop the destruction and save Darien, who has been taken hostage. It will take Sailor Moon's faith in herself and the bonds of her friends and her true love to conquer Kisenian and eliminate the darkness in Fiore's heart. Can the Scouts do it in time?

Sailor Moon S: The Movie (Hearts In Ice - 1994)
Long ago, there was a frigid planet ruled by Queen Kaguya who wanted to take over the Earth, but a strong light drove her back and forced her to drift aimlessly in space. Now she's come back to finish what she wanted to start so long ago, so she sends a crystal disguised as a comet to Earth.
Meanwhile, as Serena and her friends enjoy their last Christmas holiday in middle school, Luna falls in love with a young scientist named Kakeru, who is already in love with a girl named Himeko (who is involved in the Lunar Frontier Project). Kakeru is the one who finds Kaguya's crystal, which grows stronger as it sucks away his life energy. The Sailor Scouts, along with Rini and the Outer Planet Scouts, set out to foil Queen Kaguya's plans while Luna wishes to become human in an attempt to help Kakeru overcome the evil crystal's power and reunite him with Himeko. It will take the Legendary Power of Love and Friendship, Silver Crystal Power, to save both the Earth and Kakeru.

Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie (The 9 Soldiers Gather. Miracle Of The Black Dream Hole - 1995)
Children have been disappearing from cities and towns all over the world. It is the work of the evil Lady Badiyanu, who with the help of her followers, kidnaps the children and brings them to her castle in the middle of space. She then steals their dream energy to feed her Black Dream Hole, which will swallow the Earth once it reaches a certain size. The more children there are sleeping in her Dream Coffins, the larger the Dream Hole will become. During a battle, Badiyanu learns that Rini (Sailor Mini Moon) has the perfect energy to complete her mission, and kidnaps her along with the children of Tokyo.
Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts team up with a fairy named Peruru and Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Pluto to rescue Rini, defeat Badiyanu and free the children from her spell. Can Sailor Moon overcome the dangers of the Black Dream Hole to do it?

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