The Story Of Sailor Moon

Long ago, about 1000 years back, the Moon Kingdom was once the happiest place in the universe, part of a peaceful alliance of planets known as the Silver Millennium. The moon was ruled by a fair and loving ruler named Queen Serenity who made the moon a peaceful place to live. She also had an only daughter, Serena, who was raised by Queen Serenity to follow in her footsteps and rule the Moon Kingdom one day.

One fateful day, Serena and Prince Darien from Earth were to be married in a joyous celebration, to live happily ever after on Earth. But their plans were forever put on hold with the advent of a horrendous attack, led by the Negaverse, an evil parallel dimension.

Princesses from neighboring planets (the Sailor Scouts) helped to fend off the attack, assisted by Darien and the moon's best soldiers, but it was no use. The Negaverse attack was too strong, and the moon was destroyed.

Risking her own life to save Serena's, Queen Serenity drove the Negaverse back to their own dimension using the power of the Imperium Silver Crystal. Using the last of her strength, she sent Serena, Darien, and everyone who lived on the moon 1000 years into the future on Earth. They would be reborn as humans with no knowledge of their past lives. Serenity's advisors, two cats named Artemis and Luna, were sent as well to find and re-activate the Sailor Scouts, guardians of justice.

1000 years later, Princess Serena was reborn as a 14-year-old schoolgirl living in the city of Tokyo. Luna found her and told her that she was the first of the five girls whose destiny it was to rid the universe as evil. Serena was to be known as Sailor Moon, the leader of the Sailor Scouts.

Together, Serena and Luna met up with the four other girls who shared that destiny. There was Amy, an intelligent school whiz; Raye, the feisty granddaughter of the caretaker at the Hikawa Shrine; Lita, a strong-minded fighter; and Mina, who the first four Scouts met through a battle. Those four became Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus-the remaining Sailor Scouts. And together, they would stand up to the powers of the Negaverse and whatever evil that came their way!

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