Rini/Mini Moon

Rini's profile

Name: Rini/Small Lady
Japanese Name: Chibiusa/Usagi SL Serenity
Age: 8 (real age: 902)
Birthday/Star Sign: June 30/Cancer
Hobbies: Collecting rabbit-related items, sticking close to Darien
Favorite Food: Pudding, Pancakes
Favorite Subject: Art

A curious little girl that fell out of the sky unexpectedly, Rini comes from the city of Crystal Tokyo, a city that exists 1000 years into the future in the 30th Century. She looks a lot like Serena and starts out as a little brat getting in Serena's way all the time. Her main goal is to go back to the past to find the Imperium Silver Crystal in order to save her home and her mother (Neo-Queen Serenity). With the help of the Sailor Scouts and the power of her Luna Ball (Luna-P), Rini can save the world of the future from the evil forces of Nemesis.

Believe it or not, Rini's a Sailor Scout too! In the Sailor Moon S series, she comes back to 20th century Tokyo and becomes Sailor Mini Moon, the Guardian Scout of the future Moon Kingdom. Her best friend is Sailor Pluto, though she has a good friendship with Hotaru (Sailor Saturn) as well.

Rini's Tools: Sailor Moon R
Moon Crystal Key: Rini says this while using her Time Key to travel back to the future, alone or with the other Scouts.
Luna Sphere Kitty Magic (Luna-P Henge): Using her Luna-P Ball, Rini can transform it into anything she wants to aid her in her mission

Rini's Tools: Sailor Moon S
Moon Prism Power: Rini says this to transform into Sailor Mini Moon
Pink Sugar Heart Attack: With her own Moon Heart Scepter, Rini can emit small, pink, heart-shaped fireworks to stun a specific enemy target

Rini's Tools: Sailor Moon SuperS
Moon Cosmic Dream Action (Moon Crisis Make-Up): Transforms Serena and Rini into Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon
Crystal Twinkle Bell (Twinkle Yell): Mini Moon uses her Crystal Clarion to summon Pegasus

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