Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mercury's Profile
Name: Amy Mizuno
Japanese Name: Ami Mizuno
Age: 14
Birthday/Star Sign: September 10/Virgo
Hobbies: Computers
Favorite Food: Sandwiches
Favorite Subject: Mathematics

Sailor Mercury is the brains that pull the Sailor Scouts together. As Amy, she is a bright, studious girl who is a top student in all her classes and is always trying to teach Serena to practice more ethical study habits. When she transforms into Sailor Mercury, she becomes the technological ace of the Scouts, always armed with technological gadgets. She is a strong fighter and always helps the Sailors pull through in tough situations. Amy's ambition is to become a doctor, just like her mother

Sailor Mercury's Transformations/Attacks
Mercury Power/Star Power/Planet Power/Crystal Power: Transforms Amy into Sailor Mercury
Mercury Bubble Blast (Bubble Spray): Sailor Mercury releases a blast of bubbles to create a fog to camouflage her from her enemies
Mercury Ice Bubble Freeze: A blast of bubbles encases her enemies in a block of ice. Used in Episode 47: "Much Ado About Babysitting"
Mercury Ice Storm Blast (Shine Aqua Illusion): Sailor Mercury uses this attack to encase her enemies in a block of ice and to shield herself from strong enemies
Aqua Mirage: A water-based attack used mainly in the manga, but also used in the "Ami's First Love" special
Mercury Aqua Rhapsody: Enemies are hit with a powerful water attack from Mercury's Aqua Harp

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