Sailor Mars

Sailor Mars' Profile
Name: Raye Hino
Japanese Name: Rei Hino
Age: 14
Birthday/Star Sign: April 17/Aries
Hobbies: Reading
Favorite Food: Vegetarian Pizza
Favorite Subject: Classical Literature

Sailor Mars is the granndaughter of the Caretaker at the Hikawa Shrine and is also a Shinto miko (shrine maiden) with a dream of becoming the shrine's head priestess. She believes in a pure mind and soul, and uses that power when she becomes Sailor Mars. She does have problems with Serena being leader, and she always picks some fight with her because of her determined and ambitious nature to her personality. Raye also has the talent to see into the future to give the Scouts inside information on what the Negaverse is up to next in order to plan their strategies. Although she is determined to steal the spotlight, Raye is very trusting and is a formidable addition to the Sailor Team.

Sailor Mars' Transformations/Attacks
Mars Power/Star Power/Planet Power/Crystal Power: Transforms Raye into Sailor Mars
Mars Fire Ignite (Fire Soul): Sailor Mars can channel her energy and summon a blazing inferno to vanquish her enemies
Mars Fireball Charge (Evil Spirits Begone): Using an ancient charm, Sailor Mars channels a fireball attack to stun the enemy
Mars Firebird Strike: Much like Mars Fire Ignite, which takes the shape of a flaming bird. Used in Episode 48: "Raye's Day in the Spotlight"
Mars Celestial Fire Surround (Burning Mandala): Channeling her powers, Sailor Mars tosses out a barrage of fire rings to vanquish her enemies
Snake Fire: Similar to Firebird, which takes the form of a flaming snake. Used mainly in the manga
Mars Flame Sniper: Mars shoots a flaming arrow from her Fire Bow at an enemy target

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