Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Jupiter's profile
Name: Lita Kino
Japanese name: Makoto Kino
Age: 14
Birthday/Star Sign: December 5/Sagittarius
Hobbies: Cooking
Favorite Food: Cherry Pie, Meatloaf
Favorite Subject: History

A strong girl who got transferred to Serena's school after getting kicked out of her old school for fighting, Lita uses that strength to her advantage when she transforms into the formidable Sailor Jupiter. Lita sticks up for Serena whenever possible, and she can always count on Serena to test out her delicious home cooking. Lita is also very athletic (she kicks butt in the martial arts, hence the nickname "Karate Maniac" when she first came to Serena's school) and a great person to count on when things go wrong.

Sailor Jupiter's Transformations/Attacks
Jupiter Power/Star Power/Planet Power/Crystal Power: Transforms Lita into Sailor Jupiter
Supreme Thunder Crash: Using a special rod on her Tiara, Sailor Jupiter can call upon the powers of thunder and lightning to vanquish her enemies
Thunderdragon: Much like Supreme Thunder Crash, only the thunder turns into a dragon shape. Used in Episode 49: "Food Fetish"
Thunderclap Zap (Sparkling Wide Pressure): Sailor Jupiter throws a discus of lightning to vanquish her enemies
Flower Hurricane: A plant-based attack used mainly in the manga and the live action series
Coconut Cyclone: A wind-based attack used only in the manga
Jupiter Oak Evolution: A spinning leaf attack is launched at the enemy

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