Awards For You

Here you'll find the list of awards I give out, plus the requirements needed to achieve that award level. The main requirements of the awards is that it must be a Sailor Moon page, not contain any hentai/hate messages, and have some content.

Jupiter's Cool Site Award
Fairly easy to win, your site must have lots of things to do and have reasonably good content

Mars Loves Your Site
The easiest award to win. All you need is a good site structure and fairly decent content

Mercury's Award of Beauty
All your site needs to be is beautiful. A lovely layout, good things to do and see are a must

Pluto's Timeless Site Award
This is the award to win if your site stands the test of time. You will have needed to keep your page running and updated for at least 3 years, and have a varied amount of content and style

V-chan's Great Beginning Award
Just got your page started and need encouragement? Apply for this award! Just have some content started on your site

Silver Moon Award of Excellence
The ultimate award, deserving of nothing but the best sites. The sites that go for this award must have outstanding content, have lots of things to do and see, and must really impress me with its overall appearance.

The Sailor Scouts' Sparkling Site Award
Does your site include pages about the live-action Sailor Moon series and/or SeraMyu? Then the Sparkling Site Award is for you

Now that you know about the awards, you can apply for one. Send an email with your name, email address, site title and URL, the name of the award you wish to apply for, and a little bit about why you are deserving of that award (a form will be up in the near future).

If you win
The award you win will be waiting for you in your mailbox. Upload it to your own server and link it back to Good luck!

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